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Day of the Triffids (Book)

Day of the Triffids is perhaps most famous as a 1962 film, which I admittedly have not (yet) seen. More important for this post, however, it is a 1951 post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel by John Wyndham and it is AMAZING. I did not expect it to be. I was blown away. You should definitely read it.

One of the things I did not expect to get from Day of the Triffids was some exploration of non-monogamy. This exploration is brief, but recurrent. I’ll update this post with more later but in brief

– most people have gone blind after some mysterious storm. Our protagonist and his love interest have not.

– one of the groups of people struggling to organize post-apocalyptically proposes a polygyny system in which each man takes one sighted wife and multiple blind wives, this being the safest way to protect the household and fastest way to reproduce the human species.

– it is the lady love interest who is WHOLEHEARTEDLY for this plan, as a loving way to care for fellow humans. She refuses to marry the protagonist unless he takes more wives. The protagonist is pretty uncomfortable with it, but maybe willing to go along with it since she is so enthusiastic. Ultimately, this does not happen, and the protagonist repeatedly references back to this conversation and how glad he is that they figured out a way to be monogamous after all.