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Poly as a mark of Villainy – The Walking Dead Season 7

Below be spoilers. Above be spoilers. Spoilers spoilers spoilers.

Not substantive ones, but still – the past few months when I was not caught up with the Walking Dead I felt like I had to avoid the whole internet. Now I’m caught up, and I have something to say. It’s not a pretty something. Below the cut for spoilers of Season 7, Episode 7, “Sing Me a Song” (2016)

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Girl Meets World – “Girl Meets Upstate”

I strongly dislike this plot, and not just because it is not poly-friendly. It strikes me as poorly written and full of characters acting uncharacteristically and some overwhelming retconning of crowd favorite Boy meets World. By “this plot”, I mean the “Maya loses herself and is just copying Riley” plot, which is for some reason integral to the “love triangle” plot. I’ll put it below the cut for spoilers but, spoiler alert, you ain’t missin’ much.

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Girl Meets World – Girl Meets Triangle

Well, that was a very long and strange episode in which nothing much really happens. As with most episodes, side characters (not the parents, but the friends and random other high-schools) tell Riley and Maya they “have to choose” with respect to Lucas, and tell Lucas he “has to choose” between the girls. As per usual, no one bothers to echo my screams at the television, calling “but why??!?!” The answer is presumed to be some vague BS about ruining friendships and people getting hurt. The episode then diverges into some weird territory where despite the fact that Riley has always wanted to be Maya, Maya has succeeded in becoming Riley. Indeed Maya acts throughout as though she is very much Not Okay. Riley implies that Maya only likes Lucas because Maya is “copying” Riley. At the end of the episode, Lucas announces he has made his choice. We are left on a cliffhanger. I really, really hope the answer is “I choose not to decide, I choose both.” I am frustrated that the show has moved from Farkle’s outright love of each young woman for who they are to this idea that they are not that unique from each other after all.

What do you think Lucas has decided? Let’s see where this goes.

Orange is the New Black introduces Poly Character

Orange is the New Black Season 4 has hit Netflix, and a character who was briefly introduced at the end of last season has revealed herself to be a “polyamory expert.” Details as I watch, as I am sure more will be revealed, but thus far:

Edit: details/having watched the the rest of the season here (spoiler alert, I am disappointed, although not surprised at being disappointed). Hi Redditors. I agree with you, don’t worry. Feel encouraged to comment.

Season 4, Episode 1 (2016) – Work that Body for Me

Judy’s boyfriend Bill escorts her to the prison. As he leaves, Judy tells her to go visit her husband, noting that he is probably more upset than Judy or Bill are about the whole thing. Luschek asks for clarification – Bill is not Judy’s husband? Judy identifies him as her boyfriend. Luschek and Judy continue to talk about it, but most of that conversation is off screen. They bond! Since Judy sent Bill to comfort Judy’s husband, I infer that the relationship is on the up-and-up.

Season 4, Episode 4 (2016) – Dr. Psycho

Luschek and Judy are still bonding. They are playing a game and Luschek quotes Wonder Woman – “Suffering Sappho!” Judy offers up the fun fact that Wonder Woman’s creator had “two wives” and expounded on the connection between their kinky sex life and Wonder Woman’s propensity for finding herself tied up. Dropping the truth bombs! Luschek asks her how she knows these things, and she identifies herself as a “polyamory expert.” “Right,” Luschek notes, “the whole husband-and-boyfriend-thing.” It’s friggin’ delightful, I can’t wait for more.