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iZombie – “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain”

Here we go again, another crime/legal drama where the victims and suspects are in an open and honest non-monogamous relationship, and the main characters grapple with and/or argue about whether or not women are ever really OK with non-monogamy.

Crime/legal dramas and other episodic format shows in some sense lend themselves to exploring whatever the hot topics of the day happen to be – and polyamory certainly is one – because they rely on short, one-episode stories and each need to be different. It’s not like polyamory is the only topic these shows explore, they explore every hot topic under the sun and moon, but I’m beginning to be bothered that so much of the poly fiction that is out there is legal dramas makes me think there is a toxic trope of associating polyamory with criminality. Not all of the legal dramas are murder mysteries – in one, the crime being investigated is literally bigamy, and that makes perfect sense – but there seem to be an awful lot of murdered non-monogamous people and murdering partners of them.

iZombie is a crime drama, but also, you know, a zombie comedy… about a zombie who works in a morgue, eats the brains of the recently deceased, and gets flashes of their memories, dreams, habits, and personalities. So there’s that.In Season 1 Episode 2 of iZombie, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain” (2015) features a murder victim of the week who our zombie hero quickly realizes had a lover. The detective she works with insists that the wife must have killed the husband after discovering her lover. However, the wife did not “discover” any such thing. In fact, she introduces the detective to the lover!

This is my dear friend Tasha. She is my favorite of all of Javier’s lovers.

The detective questions the wife, pushing to hear her secret discomfort with non-monogamy. She describes their relationship lovingly, notes that she herself has “dalliances,” and that asking her husband – an artist – to have only one lover would be like asking him to paint only tourist postcards. As she describes it, her husband’s art, sex, and passion are all intimately intertwined. Artsy and poly go hand in hand. The detective isn’t buying it, and asks her if it bothers her that her husband’s art – his “babies” – are nudes of other women. She snaps back, “It bothers me that you are being dismissive about my husband’s art and our marriage.” Burn!

So what happened? Who dunnit? Was it the wife? Find out below the cut.

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Life on Mars (US) – Coffee, Tea, or Annie

I’m continuing the Swinging theme today, with a review of the Life on Mars (US) Season 1, Episode 14 (2009) entitled “Coffee, Tea, or Annie.” Life on Mars follows detective Sam Tyler as he is injured in 2008 and wakes up in 1973. It is full of 70s goodness from the soundtrack to the obligatory “pilots and stewardesses are swingers” Monster of the Week. Spoilers below the cut.
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Pushing Daisies – “Bitches”

I’m not a huge fan of sexist slurs, but I did really enjoy the show Pushing Daisies.
Pushing Daisies, a dark humor series, follows the adventures of Ned, who can resurrect dead things temporarily or permanently, with rules; Private Investigator Emerson Cod, who uses Ned’s ability to solve murders; and Chuck, Ned’s once-dead girlfriend whom he cannot touch. Season 1, episode 6, “Bitches” (2007). investigates the murder of Harold by one of his four wives.


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Ally McBeal – “Silver Bells”

Ally McBeal Season 1, Episode 11 (1997)

In “Silver Bells,” James had been married to Mindy but fell in love with Patti, whom he met at work. He didn’t want to leave Mindy, and especially did not want to disrupt the marriage for their children, so instead he brought Patti home to live with them. James fertilized Patti’s egg and Mindy carried the child, so their youngest child is by all three of them. Mindy stays at home and mothers their children, while Patti and James both work at the same law firm. The three are seeking legal recognition for their union.


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Boston Legal – “Word Salad Days”

Boston Legal Season 2, Episode 12 (2005) features a bigamy case.

In this episode,¬†Alena and Evette share their husband Ray. They live next door to each other, and someone is always home to help the kids with homework or emotional support. Evette works outside the home, and explains the benefit of polygyny for her because she doesn’t have to worry about her kids when she’s out of the house. Alena works in the home raising the children, and explains that polygyny benefits her because she gets released from sexual obligations when she’s too tired. Evette allows her to be alone at the end of the day when she wants, and eases the burden of childrearing into just a full time job, not a solitary 24/7 pursuit.


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