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Riverdale – “To Riverdale and Back Again”

Quick hit and quick question: is polyamorist a word? This is technically a spoiler for Riverdale (Chapter 11), although an extremely minor one, so I’ll put it behind the cut. Riverdale DID expicitly reference polyamory in its premier season, but amazingly NOT with respect to classic OT3-ship Archie-Betty-Veronica.

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Bandits (2001)

Bandits (2001) follows the story of the “sleepover bandits” Joe and Terry, who find themselves in a love triangle with Kate when she refuses to choose between them. In contrast to our previous “polyandry” reviews, Joe and Terry meet Kate together as she is fleeing her painfully boring life with as housewife to a rich but negligent husband, and each develops a relationship with her.  When they begin to fight and tell her to choose, she takes a stand and explains that she feels no need to choose, and that she wants each man for very different reasons.  After much banditry, the film ends with a successful relationship as the three make their way to Mexico and live happily ever after.  However, this relationship is outside the law, and even the country.  The ending reflects well on polyamory, but only within an outlaw context.  This contrasts with the legal shows’ polygynous themes, which demonstrate a concern for legitimizing the arrangement.  The main characters in Bandits were already outlaws, and feel no need to legitimate their outlaw relationship.

Tom Smith – “Hey, It’s Can(n)on”

Quick hit: Tom Smith has a 2006 song called “Hey, It’s Can(n)on” which, in honor of her birthday being on Talk Like a Pirate Day, tells the tale of “Hermione Granger the Pirate Queen.” One of the later verses addresses one of fandom’s favorite love triangles – Harry, Ron, and Hermione – and resolves it the same way I scream at the screen to resolve any similar love triangle drama. Tom sings:

Now here’s the part we talk about with whom she’s locking lips
‘Cause after all a Pirate Queen has got to have her ‘ships
Some say Harry’s her true love, or Ron she will betroth
She finally cried, “I can’t decide! I’ll have to have them both.”